Smater Homes for Smarter Living

Take control of your home with our personalised home automation systems.

 Home automation is more than just a fancy lighting system, or a few gadgets that soon grow tiresome.  Home control really can put your home at your fingertips, or right before your eyes.  Making your home a safe, secure and more comfortable place to be.

 Control lighting and heating systems. Doors, windows, locks, blinds and curtains.  Integrate your alarm and CCTV system.  Simplify control of audio and video equipment. 

 Combine your control, press one button and put your home to sleep for the night, closing doors and windows, turning off all the TV's and lights and setting the alarm.  Or go to party mode with the flick of a switch, turning up the lights, playing your favourite play list over the stereo, and keeping the temperature comfortable.

 Not sure if you locked the door, or set the alarm after you leave the house ?  No problem you can still control your home while you’re away. 

 We design every part of our systems around you, putting you In Control of your home.  Unlike our competitors we also install every part of our systems ensuring the entire system works exactly as it should.